Drawn to Science Education: Studying Science Teaching and Learning through Drawings

Action Research Topics in Education

Perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of research is identifying a useful, interesting, and manageable question or topic.

According to Eileen Ferrance at the Northeast and Islands Regional Educational Laboratory at Brown University, good action research topics in education are meaningful, concise, and higher-order questions that have not already been answered. Further, they should be of interest to the researcher and have the potential to lead to improved student learning.

Action Research Topics - Drawing of a teacher.

Action Research Topics Using Drawings: sample Action Research topics using drawings as a primary data source.

Action Research Examples: examples of Action Research by practicing teachers using a wide variety of research methodologies.

What Makes a Good Question? Get ideas and suggestions on developing your own research questions.

Whatever action research topic you decide to study, remember that it should enable you to take meaningful action. In addition, it should also be interesting enough to keep you engaged and motivated as you work through the process. Finally, your research should allow you to improve your teaching and your ability to help students learn and be successful.

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